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Masterclass Sweden

I will be teaching a 7-day weave masterclass at Sätergläntan Institutet in Sweden this July.

With a focus on experimentation this workshop will encourage you to build woven structures with uncommon materials, which may include materials commonly used by other industries, second-hand, up-cycled or rejected goods. The process will help you to push the boundaries and explore innovative ideas and outcomes while it gives existing materials another meaning and role in life. 

Uncommon materials: to encourage your creative thinking before you arrive on the masterclass I'll ask you put together a selection of unusual materials that you can weave with. This material may be something that you can directly use on the loom such as cassette tapes and electric wires, or something that you need to prepare for loom use such as single-use plastic bottles. I'd like you to spend time observing your environment, what you have at home that could be up-cycled into a weave experiment or artwork, what is available in your town, perhaps goods from garage/car booth sales or second-hand charity shops. Is there something specific, typical or personal that you can use? Something that you see all the time but never thought of working with, or that you always wanted to and now is the right time? Something that you collected for a while, or on travels or were given to you? Think manmade, think nature, think scale small or large, short or long, thin or thick. Let your imagination go beyond the conventional and use this as an opportunity to experiment with ideas, materials and processes you have not before. Along these materials please bring a sketchbook, pencils and scissors with you. I'm excited to meet you and see what we can achieve together.

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