As a multi-disciplinary artist, I work with sculpture including weave and mixed-media, photography and video, using techniques to capture the physical properties of everyday objects and materials, and to play with the viewer’s perception.

I use loom weaving to expose structural details of materials. Through the application of my own weave technique I have developed and the use of translucent threads such as nylon monofilament and iridescent film I reveal the bone structure of my weavings. ‘X-Ray’ series, with its unconventional appearance is the result of my interest in challenging the boundaries of traditional weaving, testing how far I can push weave against its own conventions, exposing the otherwise hidden warp. Through installation, I expose this skeletal structure to light to investigate materiality, movement and time, for example the way a weaving is visually transformed and mistaken for glass; or the passing of time during a performance with sunlight, as the natural progression of the day alters the appearance of the medium.

After I expose the fragile bone structure of my weaves I venture to fix some with plaster in ‘Broken Bones’: with an initial focus on textiles, I investigate how we understand objects, and how expectations and limitations are formed. With juxtaposing the original weave with plaster I defamiliarise from its expected role as textiles, which process has its origins in the responses received from showing my textiles - the way they may be expected to perform as traditional textiles - and my experience of having broken bones as a small child, and the expectations and limitations that I experienced through protection from my family. Plaster reconnected me with memories, leading me to observe human behaviour, the way we process expectations and limitations. I continue to expose and fix the woven body by breaking some plaster off the structure to produce fragments that carry the imprint of the original woven arrangement. I piece these broken fragments together, now existing apart from the main woven sculpture, attempting to fix them as a new entity while ensuring the scars reveal its history.

In photography and video, I play with the inner structure of an object in a visual way. I use the photogram technique to explore the way light transforms an object to mimic qualities seen in X-rays while photographic series ‘Mundane’ examines single-use objects and materials. I re-purpose each as a vessel for performance with sunlight to distort our perception of these once familiar objects; manipulating the expected appearance and giving alternative qualities to the object's original role in life. 

I mentor artists and designers, and those from the creative industries. I have worked as a visiting lecturer for universities such as Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art and The Glasgow School of Art in the UK, delivered masterclasses in Sweden and taught in Italy and UAE. My woven sculptural work ‘X-Ray’ series has received awards including the Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize 2016, Theo Moorman Trust Award 2018 and is part of the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


“Rita was a clear winner for the Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon - a great example of how wonderfully crafted, and thoughtful use of a fresh medium can encapsulate a modern expression of Art Nouveau”

 Jo Hooper Chair of the Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon for 2016


“This award [Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize] is about the beauty in everyday life. Rita does it in an amazing way. It’s also about awarding the beauty of making, and the beauty of making in a very contemporary way – we are not nostalgic, not looking back, we have a very strong heritage we want to keep alive in a contemporary way.”

Axelle de Buffévent Style Director Perrier-Jouët


In woven textiles most of what is seen has already been made before. But just once or twice in a generation there is a designer who immediately you can recognise as a person who has the loom craft, the inspiration, and the courage to push the boundaries of weave to a new and innovative level. Rita Parniczky is that talented exceptional designer who combines the meticulous attention to the detail and originality, which is revealed in her perfection on the loom.

Richard J. Humphries MBE FRSA Upper Bailiff of The Worshipful Company of Weavers in 2016


"The show has a deeply meditative quality: strong but hypnotically peaceful". 

Professor Simon Olding MA PhD FMA FRSA FTS Director Crafts Study Centre Farnham - Review on solo exhibition 'Beyond the Surface, Observing the Inner Structure'


“... Light captured in millions of translucent fibres...”

Visitor's comment on solo exhibition 'Weaving with Light' presented by Perrier-Jouët


“I came across artist Rita Parniczky during a photoshoot for our arts education charity NADFAS. We wanted to feature some innovative, high-quality and contemporary work in one of our publications. Rita was recommended to us and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her: her woven work and studio space looked so striking in the photographs that we chose one image for the front cover of our publication. We have subsequently exhibited her work in our offices – with many people commenting on how beautiful it looks! Working with Rita has been a real pleasure – we look forward to following her artistic career in the future.”

Florian Schweizer Chief Executive The Arts Society NADFA